Fractional CXO

We help you get to Product-Market Fit that investors will love too

Learn from Innovation Pioneers

We’ve helped more than 50+ multinational corporations innovate in the past 18 years. Your Startup team will

learn the tried and true User Experience (UX) methodologies from these innovative companies.


Today, much less capital is required for entrepreneurs to create a product and start a company, leading to an influx of products on the market. Design then becomes the differentiator for these products and companies.

- Irene Au
Design partner at Khosla Ventures and
former Head of Design at Google, Yahoo

The Business 
Value of UX

A report published by Forrester reveals that each dollar spent on UX brings in 100 dollars, achieving an eye-watering ROI of 9,900%

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What is a CXO advisor?

Research conducted by PayScale shows that only 10% of the market currently have

Senior User Experience/Design Thinking expertise.                                         


As your fractional/time-shared CXO (Chief Experience Officer), we can help you have peace of mind where we help take care of your products' end-to-end User Experience, collaborate with your tech/biz teams and bring in the right design/research expertise at the right time. 

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Bring UX Talents